Lost Letters (Larry AU): They’re seventeen when their moms decide to send them to summer camp and they couldn’t hate the idea more. However during those hot months they meet and fall in love and kiss goodbye with the promise of staying in touch. But the 90’s aren’t famous for their technology so all they can do is exchange phone numbers and letters.

They write constantly and after a year, when summer and hot long nights are back, Louis asks Harry to meet again but he never gets a reply and when his second and third letter still remain unanswered, Louis figures that perhaps they were just friends and he had overstepped some sort of boundaries by asking Harry to meet again with the promise of more kisses.

When September rolls around, Louis leaves for University determined to leave all thoughts of Harry behind.

It’s five years later when Louis hears about him again. He’s living in London modelling for the biggest names in the fashion industry and Harry is quickly becoming the most famous DJ of the city. It would be a lie saying that Louis doesn’t think about contacting him but the rejection he felt last time he tried to see him, is still burning in his mind whenever he lets himself think about it, so he never does anything.

It’s summer again and he’s busy with an important photo shoot when he receives a box from his mom. Imagine his surprise when he opens it only to find it filled with letters, his mom’s note stuck on it telling him, “they got in the mail last week, something about them getting lost years ago. I’m sorry.”

It becomes his new mission to find Harry and telling him the truth.

Coming Soon…